Monthly Statistical Forms

Keep track of items leaving your library on Kansas Library Express courier.  You may report either the number of packages OR an exact count of items.

If you choose to report the number of bags or tubs shipped, that report is used to estimate a total number according to this formula:
Small bag = 2 items
Large bag = 5 items
Tub/large box = 25 items

However, if you want to provide an exact count, you may report contents of packages as “Individual Items” shipped.   Do not report both the number of bags and the contents of the bag or your report will reflect a much larger number than were actually sent.

These are the monthly statistical forms in PDF and Excel spreadsheet format.  Use the forms to keep a tally of your library’s daily shipments on the courier.   At the end of each month, use the online form below to submit totals.

KLE Monthly Statistical Form (pdf)

KLE Monthly Statistical Form (Excel)

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