Welcome to Kansas Library Express

UPDATE:  KLE Courier service has been suspended, effective Thursday, March 19 – Sunday, April 26th.  Thursday, March 19 will be the first day without service.  It is currently expected to resume on Monday, April 27th.

Here is a link that is keeping track of library closures across the state of Kansas.  Please note, there is a ‘courier’ column.  At this time the KLE Courier will not be running.  https://kslib.info/1438/Library-Closings

Kansas Library Express (KLE), the Kansas interlibrary courier service, provides library users with rapid and direct access to library resources. Kansas Library Express connects more than 340 libraries throughout Kansas with a convenient and cost effective delivery service that expands the ability of libraries to readily share their collections for the benefit of library users.

Kansas Library Express is a service of the participating libraries, the State Library of Kansas, and the regional systems of cooperating libraries.

Kansas Library Express is committed to providing reliable and efficient courier service to participating libraries throughout Kansas. Delivery days and times are established for all participating libraries based on their service request and courier company’s routing requirements with available delivery options of either 3 or 5 days per week. Day-to-day management of this service is provided by the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS), which is contracting the actual delivery service to Henry Industries Courier Networks, a professional courier delivery company with an extensive statewide network. Libraries interested in joining the Kansas Library Express service, or with any questions about the service, should contact NEKLS at any time:

Caroline Handwork, Courier Services Coordinator: courier@nekls.org

Phone: 785-838-4090