Best Practices for Bedbugs

What to do when a bed bug “hotspot” has been identified.  Click here for  Best Practices for Bedbugs.

Regarding the KLE Courier and bed bugs, here is some helpful information to keep in mind:

  • KLE Libraries shall work with each other on a solution. Options may be but are not limited to; charge one another for replacement of damaged library item, allow treatment by library in possession, purchase replacement item, etc.
  • Courier: Please be considerate of others! Please don’t send any materials that have or you suspect have been compromised by bed bugs through the courier unless they have been treated.
  • If item is treated, it will be double bagged before sending back to owning library.
  • Notify the Courier Coordinator at of any bed bug cases that could effect the courier or other libraries on the courier.

Thank you for your cooperation!