Taking precautions for COVID-19 and the courier

UPDATE: KLE Courier service has been suspended effective Thursday, March 19 – Sunday, April 26th.  Thursday, March 19th will be the first day with no service.  Service is currently set to start up again on Monday, April 27th.

Here is a link that is keeping track of library closures across the state of Kansas.  Please note, there is a ‘courier’ column.  At this time the KLE Courier will not be running.  https://kslib.info/1438/Library-Closings

From our Blue Sky partners; here is a link of closures in the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC), https://www.clicweb.org/library-closures-covid-19/

Our Trans-Amigos Express partners report that courier service is suspended until further notice.  They will provide news of a restart date on April 12th.

There is a wealth of information available regarding the current coronavirus.  The KLE Courier will continue to run as usual, at this time.  Here are some “common sense/best practices” for courier processing:

1) Wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water after handling courier bags and materials.
2) Refrain from touching eyes, nose, mouth and face while processing items for the courier.
3) Wipe down courier processing surfaces with disinfecting wipes often.
4) Please notify the courier coordinator right away at, courier@nekls.org or caroline@nekls.org, if your KLE courier services need to be paused due to the pandemic.
5) If your library closes, it could take about 1 week for items already in transit to filter through the courier system. Talk with the courier coordinator, Caroline Handwork, about managing that.
Notes from the State Library of Kansas regarding Interlibrary Loan and the Coronavirus:  If a library is going to close for an undetermined period, do the following;

1. Enter holiday dates in SHAREit ASAP so requests don’t get delayed
2. Notify Caroline at the courier office so courier deliveries are stopped via courier@nekls.org or caroline@nekls.org
3. If you can use SHAREit from home, be generous in requesting and granting renewals